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Once Mount Ararat was inherited, revival came to the islands in the South Pacific. The brothers and sisters in Tuvalu, the nearby island, were gathered and established by God. Mount Aratat is also the garden of the LORD that He has prepared for the children of Eden Homestead in New Zealand. The children are homeschooled with God-based education. They raise sheep and chickens and grow organic fruits and vegetables, to testify for a God-based life and poison-free enterprises.


The consecrated land of UNNS 帢 lies beside the Barrum River in Brisbane of Australia. The land lot number happens to be 97. This was the land given by God when the prophet was commissioned to Australia in 1999 to seek out a future for the children of Eden Homestead. It is a vast open land, filled with eucalyptus trees and kangaroos. Through the painstaking enterprise of the New Testament Church (NTC), a company called No Stop was set up to engage in diversified businesses related to agriculture, forestry, fishery, husbandary, and enterprices. This broke through the concept of the traditional monocropping. Besides having gardens that grow various fruits and vegetables, there are also cattle pastures, a chicken farm, and tea tree field. The tea tree series of products are widely popular among the locals as well as the Japanese tourists.

UNNS 峏 was inherited in 2005, six years after UNNS 帢. It is another consecrated land in Australia that God has given to the NTC. It is an organic farm with rich fertile soil on plains and hills. On top of the 20-acre-wide-plateau, the prophet led the saints to build a majestic and beautiful log house�𤴆he temple. The lot number of the land on which the temple stands is 1997 (which is UNNS). How wonderful! The former owner had planted 66 acres of asparagus. But later, the land was infested with pests and diseases, and he sold it off at a low price. After inheriting this piece of land, the NTC continues to plant asparagus and other fruit trees and vegetables. With the use of EM (effective microorganism), pests and plant diseases were brought under control. The soil restored its vitality and the land is thriving.

Just after UNNS 帢 was inherited, the prophet led the children of Eden Homestead to welcome the year 2000 in Australia. On New Year�䏭 eve, children of Eden Homestead staged an earth-shattering praising before an international audience. As a result, UNNS 帢 became well-known and Eden Homestead gained an international recognition. On New Year�䏭 of 2006, the prophet led more than a thousand saints from all parts of the world to Australia to offer up the temple. They pitched up tents and dwelt around the temple. This scene testifies that the NTC has reached the abundant realm of unity in work, life, and worship. This is also a proclamation to the imminent end (峏) of the history of mankind. The kingdoms of the world will soon become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ. Hallelujah! UNNS! NO STOP TO THE TOP!