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New Heaven New Earth New Heaven New Earth New Heaven New Earth New Heaven New Earth

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In 2000, the New Testament Church (NTC) inherited the consecrated land �鑥ew Heaven New Earth��. She is located at the beach of Kudat, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah on Borneo Island. This is a beautiful land with mangrove trees, plains, hills, mountains, rivers, seas, beaches, and piers. It is the wonderful garden in the East! You can enjoy a boat ride on its rivers and streams that flow through the different parts of the land. The vast, wide sandy beach is an amazing place for swimming and surfing. Take off your shoes to step into the realm of heaven; where you will vividly enjoy the new heaven and new earth.

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Its breathtaking scenery makes New Heaven New Earth a well-deserved name. More importantly, through the vision of running towards the new heaven and new earth God will end the old heaven, old earth, and old order. At the end of the year 2000, when the saints flew to New Heaven New Earth to welcome the new century, they saw an ad with the picture of the mainstream of the era on a MAS in-flight magazine. This picture vividly portrays the words of the prophet, �嚹he NTC is the mainstream of the era which will wash away men�䏭 kingdom, Babylon the great. The new heaven, new earth, and new order will destroy the old heaven, old earth, and the old order��. How awesome!

The Prophet of All Nations hopes to bring every child of God into God�䏭 kingdom. Therefore, he personal led and accompanied the children of Eden Homestead to build God�䏭 temple in New Heaven New Earth. The prophet fell ill due to constant overwork. Despite having an infection in his leg, he continued to serve in love. He dedicated the temple on July 21 (7.21), the greatest day of the Feast of Tabernacles, before he went for an emergency medical treatment. As a result of the sacrificial life of the vessel of the era, the children of God were encouraged to follow the slain Lamb, Jesus, willingly and limitlessly. This is the wife of the Lamb. The testimony of the holy city New Jerusalem was wonderfully portrayed in New Heaven New Earth.