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In 1991, Prophet of All Nations Elijah Hong was commissioned to Manihiki Island in the South Pacific to establish a church there. After enjoying the abundance of the sea, he had an enlightening experience: freedom and joy are boundless when one immerses in nature. While praising the glory of the Creator, he felt that mankind must depart from the oppression of civilization (degeneration) before they can return to Eden to enjoy the eternal blessings. Therefore, he was determined to find the lost Eden for mankind. In November of 1993, after going through numerous difficulties and setbacks, he finally found Eden Isle in the atoll of Tikihao, Polynesia.

On November 17, 1993, the Prophet of All Nations stepped onto Eden Isle. His small step has brought about a giant leap for mankind. It was truly a historic and epochal scene! This testifies that the realm of Eden that had been lost for more than 6,000 years has finally been found!

According to God�䏭 motivation, the prophet built piers and houses stretching out to the sea. When you look ahead, you can see the brilliant sky, blue sea, white sandy beaches, and coconut groves. It is beautiful beyond description! The poet could not resist singing out his heartfelt song of praise for Eden Isle: �嚹he pier stretches across the sea waves, coconut trees swaying in the wind, fish swimming gaily in the sea ...�� It is breathtaking! This is the realm of nature in which God lives with man. There is no separation between man and nature. The Edenites who live there tend and keep the garden of Eden. They dug a freshwater well and planted various kinds of fruits and vegetables, concretely displaying the testimony of Eden. In the nearby sea, they raised oysters that produce black pearls. God has indeed made the abundance of the seas to flow back to Mount Zion, testifying of the faithfulness and blessings of God towards the New Testament Church!