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Mount Tabor is the consecrated land God has chosen in Tahiti of Oceania. During the time it was inherited, Mount Zion was facing its most ferocious battle against the miscarriage of justice. Coincidentally, Halley�䏭 Comet (also known as Broom Star) which is visible from earth every 76 years, was approaching. History has shown that each time Halley�䏭 Comet comes, tyrants are destroyed. Through this matter, God moved the prophet to expound the mystery of the Bible in Judges 5:20, and to name this land Mount Tabor. He proclaimed that God would fight against tyrants from heaven. God would fight for Israel. True enough, not long after, the New Testament Church (NTC) won a great victory over tyranny and returned to Zion triumphantly.

During the Feast of Tabernacles on July 21, 1992, the temple on Mount Tabor was completed. The Prophet of All Nations led more than 500 brothers and sisters from all over the world to Mount Tabor to dedicate the temple to God. The president of French Polynesia led a delegation consisting of the vice-president, eight ministers from the cabinet, the president of the Territorial Assembly (cum Papeete City Mayor) as well as many other officials, to attend the temple dedication service. The president of French Polynesia, the president of the Territorial Assembly, as well as the minister of Agriculture humbly asked the prophet to lay hands on them to bless them. The media scrambled to conduct interviews and reports on the event. The prophecy in the Bible�琼ings will be led in triumphal procession�悧as been fulfilled! The fame of Mount Zion and the Prophet of All Nations spread far and wide through this event. The Inspiration of 7.21 was fulfilled. The glory of the NTC rebuilt by the Holy Spirit has spread from the East to the West, from Taiwan to the ends of the earth.

The work, life, and worship on Mount Tabor are modeled after Mount Zion�䏭. A variety of organic fruits and vegetables are planted on the mountain. Even durian trees have been successfully planted here. Mount Tabor has an exclusive recipe for pine needle juice, something unique in the Polynesian islands. God also gave Mount Tabor a store named Araka. This is the local center of provisions. Otherwise referred as, Joseph�䏭 Granary, supplying all kinds of fresh organic produce and providing the people of Tahiti a way to escape the harm of poisons and stay alive. As a result, Mount Tabor and Araka are now well-known in the Oceania. The testimony of Mount Zion has filled the whole world.