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Mount Carmel is a consecrated land in Kuching, Sarawak, East Malaysia. It is a promised land blessed with hills and valleys, rivers and plains. Brothers and sisters plant crops, raise fish, and started an iron works factory and a gas station here. They also run a store called �𦖿ing Post�� that sells organic, non-toxic products. Mount Carmel is the most important consecrated land among the eight in Southeast Asia. It is also the New Testament Church�䏭 (NTC) center of provision in Malaysia.

In April 1989, when brothers and sisters wanted to purchase the land, there was a competing buyer and the landowner went back on his word. In addition to this, there were premeditated religious persecutions from the authorities. During the early days of development, companions were attacked by wasps, vipers, and fire ants. Such a series of battles and dangers were like the difficult circumstances faced by Elijah. (1 Kings 18) Therefore, this land was named �𢜛ount Carmel��.

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In 1993, God urged the Prophet of All Nations to repair the altar of the LORD and build a ship-like meeting place above the river called �鑥oah�䏭 Ark��. On January 14, 1994, representatives of the saints from all over the world went up to Mount Carmel together to offer sacrifices. When Elijah Hong, the prophet, knelt on the altar to pray, the temperature of the day suddenly shot up from 36簞C to 42簞C. The sun was scorching hot. God was answering by fire! After the prophet�䏭 prayer, the whole congregation went into Noah�䏭 Ark. Just then, the sky grew black with clouds and in an instant, torrential rain poured down. All these scenes reminded us of the miracle and power Elijah experienced on Mount Carmel in the Old Testament. Everyone rejoiced and proclaimed: The God of the NTC is the true God who answers by fire! Elijah Hong is the true prophet who brings down the heavenly fire and great revival!