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Located in Bintulu, Sarawak, Mount Moriah is the largest consecrated land (over 140 acres) in Malaysia. It is a beautiful land with a flat and fertile terrain, and bountiful rainfall. When God gave us this land in 1991, the prophet named it �𢜛ount Moriah��, testifying that the New Testament Church (NTC) imitates Abraham to offer up Isaac and receive the great blessings from God. All nations will also be blessed through the NTC (Refer Genesis chapters 21 and 22).

At that time, the Malaysian government was chopping down the tropical rainforests on a massive scale, unleashing ecological catastrophe. The prophet was strongly urged to preserve the primeval rainforest of Mount Moriah so all things can live in it in harmony. In 1995, he led skilled workers of the NTC from around the world to build the world�䏭 most majestic �諪den Longhouse�� there. With a lake behind it, the Eden Longhouse has a front view of an altar on a sprawling lawn. There are also many fishponds and fruit trees in the vicinity. The longhouse itself covers more than an acre of land. The roof and the entire building are made of timber. The structure of the longhouse resembles the Chinese characters �𨅯�銝��� which means �崬nity��, and also like a gigantic eagle with its wings spread out preparing to land. At the centre is a 65-feet high, double-story premises with an umbrella-shaped roof. Stretching out from both sides of the premises are 12 rooms. All the rooms share the same long external corridor, signifying the 12 tribes of the house of Israel are united as one and connected to Christ who is the head. When the spiritual Eden Longhouse manifests the testimony of unity, all nations and all things will be redeemed back to Zion to enjoy rest!