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Eden-by-the-Sea Eden by the SeaEden-by-the-Sea Eden by the Sea

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Eden by the Sea is a consecrated land located by the sea near Bintulu, East Malaysia. God prepared this place for the children of Eden Homestead in 1997. Blessed with primitive beaches, rainforests, rugged rock formations, streams, and stunning cliffs, the picturesque scenery of Eden by the Sea is captivating.

In the beginning of 1998, Prophet of All Nations Elijah Hong, the Eden man of God, led nearly 1,000 saints from around the world to dwell in Eden by the Sea. This was for the purpose of training the children of Eden Homestead to be indomitable Edenites, and to accomplish God�䏭 salvation plan (to lead all nations and all things back to God�䏭 rule, back to Eden, and back to nature. In a place that had nothing, the saints enjoyed the original realm of Eden. They vividly experienced the liberation and joy of leaving civilization and coming back to the beginning. In due course, the prophet preached a series of epochal messages concerning Edenites, Eden Lifestyle, Eden Diet, Eden Farming, and Realm of Eden. Step by step, these messages guide this generation to flee the harms of civilization and to return to nature. After going through �𦭛he baptism�� of Eden by the Sea, the children of Eden Homestead were transformed. Within just a few years, they composed hundreds of hymns to praise God. They have turned into Edenites, who are not afraid of hard work, difficulties, the sun, wind, or rain! They�脎e developed a sound spirit, soul, and body. Edenites tend and care for this land according to God�䏭 will. Eden by the Sea is indeed the garden of Eden where everything is good!