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Mount Gerizim, situated in the eastern part of England, is the last worldwide consecrated land revealed by God. After thirty years of searching, the saints in Europe finally found this beautiful place.


Long before the land was found, the Prophet of All Nations was moved to say, �𦒈od will give the Tribe of Europe a promised land.�� He even named it Mount Gerizim, meaning �𦭛o choose life.�� In 2010, the Prophet of All Nations made a special trip to Europe to inherit this piece of land. November 17 was the memorable day when Zion�䏭 highway was made fully accessible, and it was also the day when the prophet set foot on beautiful Eden Island to restore the lost Eden. On this same day, the key to the gate and the house of Mount Gerizim were given to the prophet. The prophet opened the door and entered the house, officially inheriting this piece of land. This was a historic moment, testifying that the words of the prophet were fulfilled. This also signified that today�䏭 Peter has received the key to the kingdom of heaven. The door that he opens no one can shut, and he will surely bring God�䏭 children to enter through the gates into the city.

The prophet was moved to announce that the 2011 New Year convention would be held on Mount Gerizim. Mighty men gathered there to build everything that was needed for the convention. The preparation work was exceptionally difficult because we faced the coldest winter in a thousand years and the restrictions of numerous regulations. Moreover, we only had one month left. Nevertheless, God was responsible for His prophet, and He performed 153 miracles in everything we did. (Peter went fishing at the Sea of Tiberias and caught nothing all night. The Lord came and gave him 153 fish. Please refer to John 21.) Ultimately, the convention was a success! Saints around the world �𦣇hose life�� and enthusiastically attended this convention. In the end, God let them experience warmer weather�𤤗 153 miracle.

The soil on Mount Gerizim is extremely fertile and is a four out of five on the soil index. The saints there farmed the land and enjoyed a bountiful harvest. One of the pumpkins weighed 51 kilograms! It was later sent to Southeast Asia and Taiwan to testify to this: When the faith of the saints in God and His prophet reaches 51 (Hymn 51�𨧜elieve Without Doubt), we will surely be established, be prosperous, and be successful.

Mount Gerizim is situated on a special geographic location. It is in the same area as the Prime Meridian (Greenwich). The prophet visited the Royal Observatory and stood on the Prime Meridian. This action testified that this man is the spiritual Prime Meridian�𤴆he standard of God�䏭 righteous judgment on earth. During the convention, the prophet opened the little scroll and proclaimed, �嚹here is no more time! Time and space are turning to zero! The kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ!��

Mount Gerizim is the last global consecrated land God has chosen. It plays a special role in fulfilling the final scene�𤴆he mystery of God is accomplished. Those who choose life and believe in God and in His prophet will enter the New Heaven and New Earth�𤴆he millennial kingdom!