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Beauteous Canaan Beauteous Canaan Beauteous Canaan Beauteous Canaan

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Beauteous Canaan Land is in Kuching, East Malaysia. God gave us this beautiful promised land on July 21, 1999. On August 8, the Lord�䏭 servant led God�䏭 people to cross the �䯀ordan River�� (original name: Sungai Serin) to enter this land. That very night, they stayed there and enjoyed the first produce of the land. Since then, this place is formally named �輶eauteous Canaan Land��.

In April of 2000, the Prophet of All Nations was commissioned to Beauteous Canaan Land to choose the temple�䏭 location. In January 2001, the temple was completed and dedicated. During the rainy season, the low-lying lands become muddy and are flooded. Despite such difficulties, the companions and the children of Eden Homestead held fast to the leading of the prophet and continued to practice organic farming there. In the Old Testament, the Israelites left Egypt, crossed the Red Sea, and arrived at Canaan Land, a land flowing with milk and honey. The companions here also experienced God�䏭 promise and blessing after going through the difficulties at the beginning. The land is now flourishing with durians, mangosteens, mangoes, rambutans, langsat, cempedak, jackfruit, passion fruits, starfruits, kumquats, Thai mandarins, soursops, wax apples, roselles, guavas, as well as a variety of vegetables. The fishponds also have many types of fish: tilapia, patin (silver catfish) and grass carp. Today, the low-lying land is packed with produce and has become an abundant granary in East Malaysia. Many people agree that this place is today�䏭 �輶eauteous Canaan Land"!